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Bout Me

Those who dream big are the ones who always dream;
Those who work are the ones who work themselves to death;
Those who live in the moment will not exist in the future;
Those who gloat about the past become mausoleums;
Those who rise will always fall;
Those who fall will always rise;
Those who… Those who…
Pariah Enterprises is a company that provides multimedia projects, news and feature stories to the public through various distribution channels. Media outlets include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.
But what makes us special and unique is what we say and what we do. Pariah Enterprises represents people who don't really follow the traditional way of publications. What we thrive on his and adapt or die atmosphere. Every single week, month, and year we will strive for evolution. We will find new ways to get our message through to people who really want to open up their minds and our hearts.
Like many others out sick and tired of being sick and tired. It's about time I do something about it. And this is the sole purpose of me opening out my own media outlet for people just like me. All my life I stuck out like a sore thumb, now I will embrace it. Watch for my sign!
My Skills and Credentials:
  • 10 years of freelance graphic designing experience
  • 15 years of freelance writing experience
  • Associates Degree in Specialized Technology / ITT Tech (Multimedia Design - 2006)
  • Usually, you can contact me anytime by E-mail