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A dark and emotional science fiction series about human evolution, social events and sorcery. In the near future, you are either forced to adapt or die.

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Serving Notice
Those Who...
Those who dream big are the ones who always dream;
Those who work are the ones who work themselves to death;
Those who live in the moment will not exist in the future;
Those who gloat about the past become mausoleums;
Those who rise will always fall;
Those who fall will always rise;
Those who… Those who…
With a clear mind and a clear heart, you are looking at new man! No more words, no more excuses, no more hiding. People just have to accept my vision and me for who I am. This is me serving notice. Get ready and expect everything. Expect a new look, new studio, new attitude. I consider myself an artist. Writing, publishing and designing. For more shoot me an email @ thepariahe@gmail.com